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How to archive test suite


I have number of test suite that are no longer used and i don’t want to delete those test suite. Is there any way i can move them or archive those test suite.


Hi Anoop,

Thank you for your post. Archiving a test suite is not directly possibly within TestRail. We already have support for archiving tests by “closing” test runs (with the lock icon in the toolbar of a test run). Closed test runs are copied internally and changes to the test suite therefore do not affect closed test runs (e.g. editing or deleting test cases). So you can safely delete test cases without any impact on closed runs and still have the data of the old test cases in the system.

That said, instead of deleting test cases, you can also add a custom field ‘Archived’ for test cases which you can a) display in the grids on the test suite page and b) use to filter out archived test cases when creating test runs/plans (with the new column and filter features available in TestRail 2.5).

I’ve also added an archive feature for test cases to our feature request list. Just let me know in case anything is unclear.


Thanks for the your response. Yes i am aware of test run locking feature or marking the test cases as ‘archive’.
I have approx 25 test suite and 13 or 14 are no longer used and there is no way to archive or change the order of test suite like active one at top and inactive at the bottom.

Anyways thanks again…


+1 for this!

Archiving old test suites would be great. At the very least, the ability to drag and rearrange the list of test suites into an order of our choosing please.


Would really like to be able to archive Suites. With dozens of Test Suites that become Legacy, need to save for historical purposes but are no longer used. Why not just be able to flag as Archived or as noted above, move to bottom of suite list?
Or if we could create an “Archived” Suite and move Suites that are no longer used there would work well too.