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How to archive test runs in a test plan


I have a test plan that has multiple test runs in it. How can I archive the test runs individually? I cannot delete them as I need them for proof in our organization.


Hello Sheekha,

Thanks for your posting! You can archive the entire test plan via the lock icon (on the test plan page). Archiving/closing individual test runs in a test plan is not possible but closing the test plan will also close and archive all test runs in this plan. Please note that this cannot be undone so we recommend closing test plans/runs only when you they are complete.



Thanks for the information Tobias. We have multiple teams working on multiple projects and that ended up creating multiple test runs in a single test plan. Guess we will have to copy or move the relevant test plans out of this and then close the test run.

Thanks for the prompt reply.


I would just recommend waiting with the archiving/closing until all test runs in the plan are complete and you can then simply close all test runs in a single step by closing the test plan.



Yes @tgurock will do that. Thank you.


Thanks for the update, Sheekha, sounds good. Happy to help :slight_smile: