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How to add test cases to a run based on last execution/run date


My teams have 1,000s of test cases and we’d like an easy way to see which test cases haven’t been run for awhile.

Ideally, when selecting test cases for a run, you’d be able to search based on “last run date” (in the selection filter?) and pick the ones with the oldest date to add the to run. This way, if we are adding N extra tests that haven’t been run in a long time, we can cycle through those over time for better coverage.

In this post Ability to find tests not run in last n days, I see that I can sort of find this information by using the comparison for cases report. However, this is very tedious to pick through to find the ones that haven’t been run for awhile. I selected all test runs from the last 3 months, and for the test cases that don’t have a value under Latest (coverage), I can’t tell if test case 1 was run more recently than test case 2, all I know is that neither were run in the last 3 months.

This would be super useful for us, and I think many other teams would find it valuable as well.


Hi Brienna,

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no last execution filter but you can already rerun cases based on the (last) execution status of a given test run. You can use the Rerun button when viewing a test run/plan in this case. That said, I can see why the last execution (across multiple runs) would be great to have as well (to mimic the behavior of the comparison report) and we are happy to look into this for a future version.



Hi again,

Any idea if or when this feature might be added?

Also, it would be great when creating a run to have a filter based on last execution status (overall). Right now, we have multiple test runs for automation and manual testing, and we’d like to be able to grab just the tests that haven’t run recently or that haven’t passed recently into one run.


Hi Brienna,

Thanks for your feedback! We recommend using the Comparison for Cases report to see the coverage per case but I understand that having a filter for this directly as part of the case selection is more convenient. We currently don’t have an update on this but it’s still planned to look into this.



we have a similar use case in our testing process.

We have a certain number of tests (most of them are covered by automation) that we would like to run manually time-by-time. For example we would like to run certain tests at least once every three releases/milestones.So picking test cases for a test run by last execution or last milestones would be really helpfull.



Hi Manu,

Thanks for your feedback! We’re always happy to hear more use cases regarding these requests as it helps us to understand how to better implement such features. It’s still planned to look into this and I’m happy to add another vote on your behalf regarding this request.