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How to add test cases on the fly while executing test run

I would like to add test case on the fly within a test run and expecting it to update the test suite automatically.

Currently, it is bit annoying that I have to stop my flow of execution–> goto test suite–> create the new test case for a scenario which poped up during execution–> go back to my execution/test run–> edit the test run and pull the newly created test case…

This multiple step process is super annoying. Please help!

With the 3 pane view in Test Rail --> Test Runs - you can edit the original Test Case and have it update the case in t eh run. All test cases in a run are copies of the original test case.

Clicking on the > in teh run on a case will allow you to click on Edit - to edit the original case:

Thanks for the reply. This is to update test case, but how to add a new test case?
Also, even for update I don’t see the edit button, I have to click the test case then I see edit

Hi @ssridharan,

adding new cases from within a run isn’t possible.

On the one hand it is quite correct. Cases are defined within the repository, planned to be executed as part of a run. Changes to the cases or new cases are managed in the repository and probably (!!!) added to the run.

On the other hand, you want to have the ability to create cases on the fly like during free testing and obviously this should be possible as easy as possible.

It is not easy to mix both usages within a Tool and IMHO TestRail work good the first way.

I also had both requests, so I came up with a workaround for the second free testing.

  • I created a test suite (or some of them depending on the needs) structured it by user/domain/area or test charta.
  • I created a run (or some of them, see above) using the setting to include all cases.
  • Then I asked my testers to open two tabes, one for execution and one for test case creation.

Now the testers were able to create cases for a run without bigger effort by switching between tabs and a call to refresh the run. Drawback: It was still not possile to create a cease while executing it, but my clients accepted this.

Just a proposal beeing discussed.

Just to clarify, We still have to manually add the new test case to the test run, right? Refresh doesn’t automatically update the test run

Meanwhile there are three ways to define the content of a run.
The first and the third (new) will reflect new cases.

So, it is done automatically.
I can’t check on a system, so I hope at least the doc is correct and I remember correct.


Oh I see, I don’t see that option in my TestRail maybe because it is still in BETA but looks like this might be a good workaround for now. Thank you!

The 3rd way is new and still beta:

But the first is available since a long time.
It is just a matter of using a separated suite for it to avoid a mix.

But good to hear it helps. :sunglasses:

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