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How to add Steps Results Type?


How to add Steps Results Type?
as there is type Steps but can’t find step result to add it for each line of the steps.

Requirements Integration

Hi Raafat,

Thanks for your posting. The Step Results type is available as part of the Result Fields (as this field is shown on the Add Result dialog). A step-by-step guide can be found here:

I hope this helps!



thanks alot, i found it, i have another question:
Is Testrail support the Requirements sections and integration with test plan and cases, and Test plan not like a plan has start date, end date, scope, requirements and assigned users and items?


Hi Raafat,

TestRail doesn’t come with a built-in requirement module because we found that most customers that manage requirements already have an existing tool in place for this (e.g. an issue tracker such as JIRA).

We focus on a great integration with existing tools instead and you can link external requirements/user stories/features to test cases in TestRail via the References field:

This field was specifically designed to manage requirements/user stories etc. and this is used in several places in TestRail. The integration allows you to view the requirements directly in TestRail (via a popup/hover window) and you can also generate a variety of reports based on the requirements (e.g. coverage reports, or end-to-end reports for the entire requirements -> case > test/result > defects chain).

A lot of customers simply use their existing issue/defect tracker to track requirements and the best possible integration would be with JIRA:

This supports a full two-way integration between JIRA and TestRail which means that you can see JIRA issues/tickets directly in TestRail but also TestRail’s test cases & results directly in JIRA.

Regarding dates and assignments: you can assign test plans/runs & tests to users when you create the test plans/runs on the Test Runs & Results tab (or later when viewing a test run via the Assign To button). You can also configure end/due dates on the milestone level if you like (you can simply assign plans or runs to a milestone). Once you’ve added test plans/runs and assigned it to users, every user can view her/his todos on the Todos tab. A useful workload overview can also be generated via the Users > Workload Summary reports from the Reports tab.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,
i wonder if you can help me figure out an issue.
we are just about to make a decision - which tool to acquire in order to manage requirements that will be accessible from TestRail & Gitlab (of course Jira is used to integrate between them).

the question: does Confluence reflects the requirements tree both for GitLab & TestRail so the requirements could be linked for Code & Testings on each tool?

i am looking for a tool that will be perfectly integrated with both tools. can you please help me?