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How to add specific Tests in Test Run using API


Hi all,

I was trying to create a test run on the fly using API as below. Which created the test run but empty. Now I want to add couple of tests and corresponding result to the just created test run.

Anyone please tell me how to do it. How to add required tests for this run?

var data = new Dictionary<string, object>
{“suite_id”, sid},
{ “name”, rname },
{ “include_all”, false },
JObject Nrun = (JObject)client.SendPost(“add_run/” + pid, data);



Hi there,

In this case you should look at the update_run method. This would allow you to add tests to the test run. You can do this by adding all tests or you can supply an array of test case IDs to add to the test run. The following documentation outlines this and also includes simple examples to do so:


This didn’t work. what i needed to do is while creating result. create a case_ids array and then create everything together.