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How to add result to testrail via API from different files


We have test cases in several python files, each file is like its own category of test cases. In the first file that is being executed we create the test run, then in each test case in that file it ends with adding the result to testrails via the “add_result_for_case” API function.

When the test then goes into the second python file we want the test cases in that file to also report the result into the same test run that was created in the first file. We have one specific file where we added all the test cases as a json structure. We have created a function to find the correct test run id, but still don’t really know which api to use to add the results for the other files.

This works fine when we only have one file with test cases to run, but now when we have several files containing test cases we are stuck and don’t really know how to be able to add result of the test cases into the same test run.

So how to add results to testrail via API for test cases from different files using the same test run that was created at first?