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How to add Jira assignee field to Test runs & results (defects) table


right now the information that we can see in the table is the bug number and status. we want to add also the assignee.
is it possible?

please view the attached screenshot in order to view the right location.



arglin, do you have the test cases assigned? If so you need to add the ‘Assigned To’ column on your testrun page.

Click and you should see…


Thanks for replaying.

i meant that i want to see Jira assignee in the table and not Assigned To (testrail users)


Hi there!

The Defects tab does not directly display the assignee currently but you can hover over the issue ID and would see the full issue details in a small hover window:

(the actual window for JIRA shows more fields, including the assignee)

We are also happy to look into the option of showing the assignee directly in the table, thanks for your feedback!




moreover is there a way to write a script that add it using the UI scripts?


You are welcome! This wouldn’t be covered by UI scripts and UI scripts are mostly used for smaller UI changes (such as adding a button) but we are happy to look into adding this functionality as a built-in feature for a future update.



Is there a way to synchronize the JIRA assignee with the TestRail Assigned To entry?


Hello Phil,

That’s currently not possible but an easy way to assign multiple tests or entire runs is using the bulk-assign feature (on the run page), or the Assign To field on the run or plan forms.

I hope this helps!