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How to add different test cases in the test runs


I am facing an issue in the TestRail application, Please help me out with this.
I have created a Test Plan, It contains multiple Test Runs for different configuration like Test Run -1(Chrome), Test Run -2(desktop), Test Run-3 (firefox), I have added around 200 common test cases in all the test runs and Now I need to add some test case only in Test Run -2(desktop) without loosing the previously added common test cases. How can I do it?

Hello @Tekno,

Thanks for reaching out! Are your test runs set to include all test cases or is it set to specific test cases? If it is set to specific test cases, you would need to edit the test plan and choose ‘select specific test cases’ for your test run. You can then check or uncheck any test cases for your test run. I hope this helps and please feel free to email us at if you need further assistance and/or clarification.