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How to add a custom field to report

the main purpose is add something i can custom by myself in the report,
the best option must be “comment” but i know i can’t have comment field in report, unless i hi the “PRINT ICON”.

then i tried to add some new field in Customizations, but i noticed even if what i added in the list of “Result Fields” or “Case Fields”, i still can’t find the new filed in Report -> Report Option -> Tests.

to add something is really important for our testers, can someone let me know if i can have some ways to add something that’s written by my own to my report??

Hi Rain,

Custom fields do appear as additional options that can be added to reports. However keep in mind that not all custom fields may be available on a report. Only where the field makes logical sense would it be available as an option. Not all field types can be well displayed on a report, as reports are intended for general analytic data and detailed data is better left for direct access to the test case or result.

For example. if you add a custom result field of ‘String’ type this will show as a available column however the ‘Text’ field type could leave large blocks of text on a report. Which could result in overly long less meaningful report.

We always recommend providing direct access to test cases or results to individuals who’s roles requires the ability to see the details. The alternate solution which you’ve already mentioned is to use the print dialogue and select the detailed view.

wow… that makes sense.
String works.