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How to add a checklist of device for test cases

I have a couple of base test cases. And these test case need to be run again several phones (I have a phone list). For each test run, I need to mark each test case with what phone has been covered. Is it possible to link a device checklist to test case result? Or are there any other better way to solve this?

Hi Bruce,

Having a test run that is ran across multiple devices/platforms can best be setup using configurations. Configurations can be setup with a single or multiple lists ( to create a test matrix). For your scenario start with creating a Test Plan, then add your first test run. You will now see the Configurations button listed along side the test run. Add a group (phones) then add your configurations (phone models). Check the boxes for which device to test on and click OK to close. You will now see a list of test runs that will be created.