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How the hell do I shut off compact view?


I clicked the button out of curiousity and now I’m stuck on it. That might work for others but it’s useless to me.

I can’t figure out how the hell to turn it off. I can find nothing anywhere.




Hi Cliff,

Could you let me know which TestRail version you are using? With new TestRail versions, you can switch between different view modes from the sidebar. With an older TestRail version, you would use the small yellow icons in the toolbar.

I hope this helps!


TestRail v4.2.1.3321


Hi Cliff,

Depending on where you activated the compact mode (e.g. case/test list or an overview page) you can either switch back via the dropdown in the sidebar:

Or via the yellow icons on the overview pages:

(see the yellow icons in the blue area)

I hope this helps!




I have the same problem, not able to turn off compact view, but the version of my testrail is "“v3.0.1.3030"”.
Please help



I guess i figured it out with the option on the blue stream.