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How often are Testrail accounts automatically gets Inactive?


How often are accounts automatically gets Inactive? Is there a way to white-list this account so it will not automatically deactivate? Do we need to manually log in to count as login so we won’t get deactivated?

Kindly have a look and help.


I know that the server version does not have any type of automatic inactivating users. I don’t believe the cloud version has any process that does that either.

Thank you for response.

We faced that account got inactive automatically. We are using TestRail v6.1.

Server or Cloud version of TR? My work has 6.1 server version and we have no accounts being set to inactive - even for folks who have not logged in for a year.

Thank you for response.

Could you please help me in how to check the version is Server or cloud?

Does you business apply the patches to Test Rail or is it done automatically? Did your business create a database for the install?

If TR is automatically updated then it is the cloud version. If your business created a DB or applies the update to TR - then it is a local server version.