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How often are results "polled" for the Progress burndown


It seems as if this happens nightly? Is there a reason when looking at the Progress view, this couldn’t happen in real time?



Hi Brian,

This depends :slight_smile: Some aspects of the page (estimates/projected completion date, etc.) are updated in real time, it’s just that the burndown chart is not live-generated. The burndown chart is updated every few hours in the background and it would be too time-consuming to generate the full burndown chart every time you access the Progress page.



Hi Tobias,

Can you please confirm whether all or just some of the burndown is not live-generated?

I have run a milestone summary report and although the total number of tests matches the total run for the summary details, I can’t seem to make sense of the burndown graph?

Can you please explain how this burndown is reported?

Thank you!


Hi Claire,

Thank you for your post. All of the data within the burndown is not live-generated. The burndown would work the same way a burndown would work in JIRA for example. The burndown is based on estimations and actual time taken to complete tests.

Once we have this information, we are able to generate the burndown chart.


Hi Marty,

Thank you for your reply!

The report is telling me that the forecast has a ‘High Accuracy’ based on the tests within the runs, which is what has confused my I think.

The majority of the tests don’t have estimates or actual time against them - I would say the split is 70/30, but the vast majority have been included in previous runs (if that makes a difference?).

When you look at the burndown, the progress shows that we have fewer tests remaining than the quantity shown in the summary of the milestone? Are you able to explain the logic on this any further please?



Hi Claire,

Thank you for the follow up post. Could you possibly post a screenshot of what you are seeing in the report to this thread? I would be curious to see what exactly TestRail is showing you.