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How many users and who is logged in?


Is there a way for an admin to see how many users are logged in, and who it is ?

What happens, if all floating licenses are in use - can the admin still log in ?



Thanks for your posting. TestRail is licensed by named-users, so the the license or subscription you have limits the number of user accounts you can add/activate under Administration > Users & Roles. So the user accounts you have on that page can always login, as the license doesn’t limit the “concurrent” users, just the number of accounts you can add. Therefor TestRail also doesn’t currently show you the number of logged in users, as this number wouldn’t usually be helpful.

I hope this helps!


and thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t aware that the amount of active user accounts is actually limited by the license pack we bought. I thought the license would simply limit the number of actually logged in users independent from the number of users accounts that are set up.

Actualle I would prefere this model, as it minimizes the user managemen effort from project to project.

Is there a way to handle usergroups then ?


Thanks for the update. User groups are currently not supported but already on our feature request / todo list (and it is planned to look into this next year).