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How inactivate a project so doesn't show up in Copy/Move


I have some projects which are “completed”. I don’t want them showing up in Copy/Move, when I want to copy/move test sections/cases. But I am also not willing to destroy them right now, in case I really do want to go back to them.
I marked them complete, which changes how they show up on the Dashboard page.
But they still show up in the Copy/Move along with all the other projects.
How can I get them to not show up? Is there an “inactivate” or “archive” option?



I have several projects but I start test plans with test suites which contain sections of my projects test cases. So for instance I have a consumer project with all my test cases in it via sections and subsections. I set up a test plan and test suite under a different project (consumer android for instance for test plan and test suites broken down to parts of the consumer android) - settings, etc which I copy test cases/sections into from my overarching project related to each section. Then I run the test cases inside the plan.

When plan is completed you close that. I don’t know about closing a project. I could be missing something but think it’s plans that you can close (and no longer make any changes to stuff inside it (test cases, etc).

Is that what you are thinking of?



Thanks for the reply Mike.
What I am really after is reducing the projects and associated test suites showing up in the Copy/Move pull down menu.
I have 12 - 15 projects and each project has 5-12 test suites.
But most of my projects are no longer projects that are active, so it is frustrating to wade through those in the Copy/Move pulldown menu, when what I really want 95% of the time is to copy from the same project and 5% of the time I want to copy from a different project (0% of the time do I want to copy from one of my old projects).



TestRail currently displays all projects/suites in the Copy/Move dialog but I can see that it can make sense to limit or filter this list. It may be a good idea to display only active projects by default and we will make sure to look into this for a future version, thanks a lot for the suggestion!



I was just coming here to report a similar issue where Suites I’ve marked completed still show up in the drop down when creating Runs or Plans.

It would be really nice to see this filtered out as well. If I really need to Run these tests in the future, I could either no longer mark it as Complete or just use the Run feature within the Suite.

I really like the idea of marking things Completed in the UI, but it seems a lot of places still don’t honor that status.


Hello Logan,

Thanks for your feedback on this. It’s a common use case to close/complete test suites/baselines (to “freeze” a suite/baseline and prevent future modifications) and still start new test runs against this suite/baseline. But we will also make sure to look into using the completed status in more places in TestRail and I agree that completed suites shouldn’t be displayed as prominently as active suites (or not at all by default).



Sorry for bringing that back again, but was there any movement on that topic over the past 2 years?


I would like to know if the feature will be soon available? We have a lot of projects and if we want to move/copy test cases, there are still visible, even they are “closed”. But we don’t want to delete them.

Best regards,