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How get info about custom fields from Redmine?


Please, say what is request me need to use if I want to get info about the custom fields from Redmine?
For example for projects, I use
$response = $this->_send_command('GET', 'projects'); (It works good.)
When I try to get custom fields
$response = $this->_send_command('GET', 'custom_fields'); (not works)
I catch 403 error?
Please any idea

Redmine’s custom fields

Hi Maria,

The custom_fields endpoint looks correct according to Redmine’s API documentation but it seems that this was introduced later (Redmine 2.4) and is also only marked as Alpha currently:



I saw it , our Remine version 3.1.


Hi Maria,

I’m not sure to be honest but I know that other customers used this API in the past. Can you post a message in a Redmine forum or discussion group? We unfortunately don’t have experience with the custom fields API of Redmine.



Thank you, I will try


Thanks, Maria!