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How do you use the Type field



I am just looking for some discussion on how others use and define their Type field when creating test cases.

For example, what type do you use when creating test cases based on documentation vs bugs/issues? Regression and Functionality seem to be the main types, do you use any others or custom ones? Or maybe that is just an issue that I have that I want to fit everything in to one of those two categories, so some information on how you define what type a test case is would be helpful.

Right now for regression I have anything that I would want to test after testing the bugs/issues to verify that the system as a whole works. As stated pretty much anything that based on a bug falls in to this category for me though.

For functionality, anything that isnt regression falls in to this for me, anything created based on a bug or issue mostly falls in to this.

One other note too, if narrowing the scope on what is defined as a regression test case, do you set up your sections/test suites differently to better define what you want to run for regression when not over-using the regression type label or am I over thinking that a bit?

Thank you for any feedback.


Hello Brad,

Thanks for your posting. The default list of types is just a suggestion and this can be changed freely in TestRail’s administration area under Administration > Customizations. One of the primary use cases of the Type and Priority fields (and others) is to select test cases on the Select Cases dialog based on the filters when you create test runs or plans (e.g. everything but “Automated” or only “Regression” cases with priority 4 or higher).

How to use the Type field exactly depends on the needs of your team or the project but using fewer, broader types is usually recommend over fragmenting the test cases. But again, you can freely customize this.



I added a Type called Boundary and I am using that for test cases where there is a field size limitation, i.e. varchar 20, I want to ensure that when the test is run we see a reasonable dialog box about when trying to exceed the limitation vs a strange error code (from backend, etc). I may add others later but that’s the only one I can think of that I know I added for some test cases.