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How do you integrate Automation with TestRail Test Runs


Thanks for sharing this, @Kip!



Hi @tgurock

How to get :run_id? API documentation

POST index.php?/api/v2/add_result_for_case/:run_id/:case_id

run_id = The ID of the test run with dynamic value everytime we create test run.

could you give real example on how to get this value for automation?


Hi @chrisk How you achieve this integration? any documentation from for reference?


Hi rocuge,

Thank you for your post. You may be able to get this setup by using the TestRail Jenkins plugin that is developed and maintained by Jenkins:

We have had several customers have success this. This of course is not developed by us, so we cannot offer support on it but I would recommend giving it a shot.


Thanks @martylavender


No problem. I hope it works for you.


If someone here needs Katalon Studio & TestRail integration, you can find some useful information here

Integrating Test Rail with Katalon Studio