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How do you get Jira notifications through the integration workflow?


We have integrated TestRail into our Jira platform. We have also installed the TestRail Jira plugin into Jira so that we are taking full advantage of the two way integration. However I was wondering if there was a way to trigger a Jira email/notification when a test result is added to a ticket or when a test case is linked to a ticket via the reference field. The main issue I am facing is that my testers are primarily working within TestRails. I would not like to make them execute a test run in TestRail, add a result, push that to Jira with all of the information and screenshots in the result. Then have to go into Jira to add a in simple comment so that the ticket gets an ‘update’ and sends out a notification to all the ‘watchers’ of the ticket. So I am wondering if there is a work around to have the actual, adding of a test result or referencing of a test case with a ticket, trigger an update to the Jira ticket which would in turn cause Jira to send out a notification to all interested parties.



Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your posting. Going to JIRA and adding a comment or similar is likely the best way to implement this. TestRail has its own notifications when adding results/comments etc. but this would be independent of JIRA and people watching issues so adding a comment in JIRA after adding a result in TestRail would work best. You can quickly jump to the JIRA issue or open it in a new tab via the link on the test page.