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How do you display all test cases?


Once we upgraded to v5.1, we are no longer able to see all of the test cases(~4000). A warning appears stating that you can view more test cases if you go to the compact view but the compact view is section specific so this doesn’t enable us to see all of the test cases.



Hello Mark,

Thanks for your posting! With large case repositories, we can recommend the section specific view modes (with or without sub-sections). This is similar to how Windows Explorer or Mac Finder would work and this scales best for large repositories. You can also view all cases/sections with large repositories (“All groups and tests” option) and you can increase the default limit for this under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface.

I hope this helps!



I set the highest limit in site settings (2000). We have almost 3000 test cases and would rather view this in the all groups and settings instead of compact. Can the limit be increased?