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How do I show another field from Jira in the Test Run Defects tab

We have a Jira plugin integration with our Test Rail cloud that shows in the Defect lookup of a Test Run the following (which seem to be default):
Defect ID, Defect Title, Defect Status

What I am asking is how to get another field from Jira to be displayed in this view? After the Status in this example to show one other field (Fix Version) which I can set somewhere In TestRail perhaps?

I GUESS this is not possible.
Like for the hover-dialog for defects on the view of tests, the fields are fixed.
At least there is no way to customize it.

No problem to be wrong, and happy to get any further info, but I don’t think so.


Hello @oli3000,

Thanks for posting! TestRail doesn’t currently support such a feature that supports adding fields from Jira inside Defects. We do have an internal request to explore adding this in a future product update. We can’t provide any specific timeline for when that feature will be available, but for now I’ve added your feedback to the request to help the development team in planning for upcoming releases.