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How do I move tests between proejcts


Should be simple - I want to archive some old test cases off into another Project where they will probably be deleted at year end

  1. I go to the destination project, which now contains a single section called Archive

  2. I open the copy move dialog (which no longer matches the help page by the way)

  3. I select all in the left pane

  4. I hit move - it asks me to confirm, then pops up an error message box saying “Please select at least one case”

  5. I try again and look at the filters in the right hand pane and it note that it says “147 test cases matched”

  6. I still get the error

What am I missing ? I am super lead and admin so I should have full access


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your posting. Can you try this with a different browser? This looks like a JavaScript issue that might be caused by a browser plugin or similar. Which browser do you use?

Important: please note that moving cases from one project to another deletes all their tests & results in active test runs and we recommend closing test runs to archive finished test runs & results:



HI Tobias

I’m using Chrome.

I found how to use the tool - there is a combo box on the form (not shown on the help file) asking what to copy (test cases only, also copy sections, include parents) - if this is on the middle option it works as expected


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback and great to hear that it works now! Happy to look into this.