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How do I move an individual test run into a test plan?

Please add my vote to adding an existing testrun to a test plan. This is a feature we realy need asap. Im suprised this has sat in the queue for over 8 years.

Hi Tobias,

I would also like to add my vote to this feature. I was trying this today and think this would be really helpful,


+1 vote here as well

Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback! These votes have been added.


Hi + 1 vote from my side as well as we need this in order to use newly introduced feature ( linking test runs for a tracker in jira)

Another vote for this feature…

+1 Add another vote for this feature!

Add a vote for this feature

Please add a vote for this feature, too…

Please add a vote for this feature.

+1 Add another vote for this feature