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How do I move an individual test run into a test plan?

Please add my vote to adding an existing testrun to a test plan. This is a feature we realy need asap. Im suprised this has sat in the queue for over 8 years.

Hi Tobias,

I would also like to add my vote to this feature. I was trying this today and think this would be really helpful,


+1 vote here as well

Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback! These votes have been added.


Hi + 1 vote from my side as well as we need this in order to use newly introduced feature ( linking test runs for a tracker in jira)

Another vote for this feature…

+1 Add another vote for this feature!

Add a vote for this feature

Please add a vote for this feature, too…

Please add a vote for this feature.

+1 Add another vote for this feature

Adding my vote as well, we have a lot of products and created individual runs for it but because that product will have iterations in the future we want it to be tidy and would be better to drag on a test plan for that specific product instead of having a messy runs under the test run tab.

+1 here! Please add my vote

+1 my vote and my +4 QA team members vote!

Hi All,

Your votes have been added to the internal feature request.


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