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How do I move an individual test run into a test plan?

+1 vote. It would be nice to be able to add an existing test run to a test plan. because if you already populated your test run with results, you would need to delete it, create a new test run inside a test plan and then redo everything…

+1 please. This would be really helpful

I would like to add my vote +1 for this feature (flexible management of test runs) also.


Agreed with all of the above. I vote for the flexible test run management and being able to move partially or fully executed test runs into other test plans. Thanks.

+6 votes from the admins on my team


Please add my vote for the ability to add standalone test runs into test plans. Thanks.

Adding a vote for this feature from my team

Thumbs up from me as well.

Adding my vote in here. We are a large organization, and often have to change how we structure our Test Plans and Milestones midway through projects. It would be extremely useful to be able to reorganize test runs into consolidated test plans during the testing phase, without loosing the test run history.

Same here. We need to be flexible, we can’t set everything in stone years ahead. Being able to reorganize the projects is really a must to have feature.

Hi All,

Thank you for the updates! I have added all of the newest votes to this feature request.


Yes, me too. We have many cases where we need to move the testruns, including results.

On a side note, every time I think of a feature we need I search the forums and find that people have gotten here before me asking for the same feature. For years (this thread started in 8 years ago…and this is not unique). I’ve yet to see any of them ever actually get implemented. Sometimes I wonder if feedback from these forums ever gets channeled back to the programmers…

Hi IBall,

Just wanted to let you know that your vote does matter. TestRail is being developed more actively than ever before. I’ve added your vote to this feature request which helps us decide which features to include in up and coming releases. You are more than welcome to keep up with our activity via the following.

Adding a vote for this feature based on my team feedback

Thanks for the feedback! Vote added.

Adding a vote for this feature. This is becoming a more frequent business scenario due to dynamic market demands and multiple parallel releases

Add another vote here.

+1 vote from me.

I need to be able to update the Test Plans with new Test Runs.
I am ok to create a Test Run and then move it under the existing Plan.

Hi @Raghavendra,

Thanks for the post. Your vote has been added.


Could you add another vote for this feature please? It would be really handy for our QA team.

Vote added. Thanks for the feedback!