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How do I move an individual test run into a test plan?


I’d like to add my vote for the ability to move test runs between plans. Our use case is a bit different from those mentioned above, but we need the same functionality.

Part way through a test run it was clear that a couple of the major features (tracked via suites) were not stable enough to be included in the release. Those features have been removed from the application and previous functionality was reinstated. What I’d like to do is preserve the results of the partial test run and assign it to the test plan for next release, and then start over with a new test run for the reinstated functionality for this release.

My plan is to create a new plan for the next release, add the test cases to it, and manually enter the results from the current run. Then delete the suite for these features from the current test plan and re-add it (just to make it clean–not planning on using the retest feature).

It would sure be nice just to be able to move test runs from one plan to another. Thanks!


Hi Joy!

Thanks for your posting. I would recommend keeping the old test run as-is and you can simply close it to archive it (via the lock icon) and deleting case or suites wouldn’t affect it:

This would be less work than re-adding the results (the run would be separate from the new test plan though). We are happy to look into move support for runs and I just added another vote, thanks for your feedback!



+1 on adding the ability to move test runs into test plans, and test runs from one test plan to another. Being able to do so would help us to keep things tidy.


Added, thanks Jan!



I vote for this feature as well. It would be very helpful for our team, it is very important to us to keep the whole history of results for different cases in one place.


Thanks for your feedback, Alexander!



+1 for adding ability to move test runs into test plans after creation. It will allow multiple users to create test runs at the same time and then consolidate them into a single test plan, vs each person queuing up to edit the test plan.


Thank for your feedback, Don, happy to add another vote!



Voting here for this feature as well. Would make life easier


Thanks for your feedback, Rob!



Voting here for this feature as well.



Thanks, Natalia!



+2 votes from my team!


Thanks for your feedback, Chris :slight_smile:



Is there any update about this feature of moving test run into a test plan ??
This implementation would really help a lot.



Hi Dev,

Thanks for your posting. We recommend starting a new test run in this case (as part of the test plan) and keeping the standalone run as is (or close it). Moving a standalone run is not possible at this point but we already have this on our feature request list.



Oh… seeing the huge pile of votes here, I guess I need to find more supporters for the mindemap feature wish I recently supported here :wink:

Adding my vote to the ability of moving runs between plans (or standalone runs into plans) as weel.
We just have the issue due to a workflow change that we have to integrate several existing results into a plan. Can of course be done be re-logging the existing results but will cause quite some manual work.



Hey Andy,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: We recommend keeping the standalone runs and maybe using test plans going forward if this works better for you. If you don’t use configurations, test plans are mostly used to group related runs and you can also achieve the same with milestones (or sub-milestones starting with TR 5.3).



Adding +12 votes for this feature from my team. It would be really helpful for all of us.


Hi Kate,

Thanks for your reply, votes added!