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How do I link a Test Run Result to an issue in Jira (from Jira)


In our workflow, many testers (end users) do not have access to JIRA.

So they will enter test results and we will raise JIRA issues with any defects. I don’t see anyway in JIRA to link a Bug to a test result, so we know what to retest when fixed.

What am I missing?




Hi Mark,

If you add a new issue from TestRail via the Push Defect feature, this will automatically include a link back to the test & result in TestRail:

Have you already set up the integration?

We can highly recommend integrating on both sides (TestRail with JIRA and JIRA with TestRail) and this allows you to view and add JIRA issues directly from TestRail’s user interface as well as view test cases, results & reports directly in JIRA:



Hi Tobias

Thanks for reply. I do use the integration a lot (and it works pretty well), but we do have some test cases that users run (who do not have access to TestRail, so we need add defects after the fact.

It needs an “Add Test Run Ref” in the Jira Issue instead of only letting me create cases. just like I can add a ref to a JIRA case in the Test run, I shoudl be able to add something like T2345 in the JIRA issue


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback! You can do this directly in TestRail by going to the case and adding the issue ID to the References field (or Defects field for results/tests).



I need to do it the opposite way. After a certain time has elapsed I can’t edit the test run details, so I need to link the Test Run item IN JIRA, not from TestRail


Hi Mark,

Editing test results in enabled for 24 hours by default but you can change or disable this if you like in TestRail’s administration area on Administration > Site Settings > User Interface.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Tobias

I realize you can change that, but we don’t want to (it’s there for a reason, right)


Hi Mark,

The default 24 hours is only a suggestion. Users can only edit their own results anyway so it’s fine to extend this period or even disable this limit altogether. Once you close a test run/plan, no results can ever be modified or changed so this option would also only apply to open/active test runs.



Hello mark,
it’s the same feature request we’ve been discuting here:

Hopefully we can have this in a near future :wink:


Thanks, Fred :slight_smile: I also just added my response to the other thread.