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How do I Intergrate TestRail with Jira by using push


Im new to TestRail and Jira. I am coding in Python. I would like to know how to I integrate TestRail with Jira by using Push.
My aim is that at the end of my automation run I would like to log defects on Jira by using push on TestRail.

Can you please assist me by providing me with the API files as well as the Python code.
This is really urgent, I would appreciate your assistance.

Thanks in advance.


There is info on the API and has a link to the bindings for Python:

I believe the API is included in the install but it does have to be enabled in Administration --> Site Settings --> API


Hello Pat,

Thanks for your posting. You can find the regular Push feature directly in TestRail when you add a new test result. I can recommend reviewing the following training video to learn more:

If you want to create JIRA issues as part of your test automation and then link those issues to TestRail, you can use JIRA’s API to create the issue first and then include the issue ID as part of the defects field when you submit a test result to TestRail. You can use our Python binding to access TestRail’s API:

I hope this helps!