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How do I get Links to Test section



We need to link Test suites to Jira requirements, how do we get link address just to the Test section? I am able to get link to Test suite but not Test section.

Thanks for help in advance.



Hi Lavanya,

Thanks for your posting. Linking to a section is not directly possible but you can link each case to a JIRA issue by adding the JIRA issue ID to the References (requirements) field. You can use the mass-edit feature for linking an issue to multiple cases at the same time.

Are you already using the TestRail for JIRA add-on in JIRA? This allows you to quickly see all linked test cases and results from TestRail:

I hope this helps!



Ok thanks. I was looking more for links to Test sections so I can make
requirements traceability matrix on Jira.
Do you have any other ideas?


Lavanya Kalakonda
QA Lead
M 908 208 3078


Hi Lavanya,

We would recommend linking the issue(s) to the cases in the section instead. You can create a traceability/coverage matrix in TestRail using the reports from the Reports tab. For example, the Cases > Coverage for References report generates a coverage matrix for cases <-> references (issues/requirements). The Results > Comparison for References report includes a side-by-side comparison across multiple runs based on the references (issues/requirements). The Defects > Summary for References report goes further and also includes possible defects entered for the test results.

I hope this helps!