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How do I filter results by test status?



We’ve connected testrail to an automation cycle that runs about 2000 tests and we would like to filter the results by test status (passed/failed/etc)

Besides the “re-run” option, is there any other way to do that? Browsing the section and sub-section between thousands of test cases to look for a few failures is extremely not reasonable…

Thanks ahead,

Hod K.


Hello Hod,

Thanks for your posting. While there’s no direct filtering for test runs (this is on our TODO list, though), you can group the tests by the status property by clicking on the Status column header in the test tables:

(this example groups by Assigned To, but grouping by Status looks similar)

This immediately shows you the failed tests for a test run.

Would this work for you?




Yes, that will do the trick :slight_smile:
didn’t notice this option exist…


Hod K.