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How do I export the details of all my test run results to excel?

I have spent over an hour looking through your reports and cannot find any option to run and export all my project’s test runs and results (all results for all cases for all runs). I’m trying to capture metrics on failures we have found so we can show how our QA testing and use of TestRail provides value.
I am able to see how to schedule a report on the project, but no option to export the data to excel.
I’m looking for the activity over all test runs and all test cases.
Can someone possibly direct me to the option to get this data downloaded today?

Hey there,

Thanks for the post. There’s not a single export option to export all details for all runs and results across all of your projects. Within a single project, you can currently export all test runs including results individually, or you can export full milestones including multiple runs in one go. Exporting all runs within a single project or across multiple projects would get pretty unwieldy rather quickly for most teams, but generally using milestones for your releases would allow you to export all of the relevant data for a product version, update, release or sprint will work for most teams.

It would also be possible to use the API to retrieve all of the data, although this would require a bit of scripting knowledge to get set up and have the data logged in a spreadsheet or other location for easy reference later.

I hope that clears things up!