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How do I create a Small field?


I have a Multi-Select custom field that only has 4 choices, but it takes up the entire width of the screen.

I see in this information in the TestRail user guide: Depending on the custom field type, custom fields are either placed at the top (for small fields) or at the bottom (for larger fields) of the edit form.

My question is: How do I create a ‘Small field’?

I know it must be possible for Multi-Select fields as the default ‘Type’ field is a Multi-Select and is a small field in the top zone.

This is my field at the moment (the one named !!Browser):



Hi Jarod,

TestRail automatically renders fields as large or small field depending on the custom field type. Fields of type Multi-Select/Text/Steps are considered large fields and all others types are small fields for TestRail. Small fields are shown in the blue area (4 per row) and large fields below and the full width. That’s currently fixed but we are happy to look into making this more flexible, thanks for your feedback!



Ahh, that makes sense now.
Thanks for the reply Tobias.


You are welcome, Jarod, great to hear this helps :slight_smile: