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How do I change the lookup description format?



i have a question regarding the lookup funtion. I set the description in the pop up window and there is plenty of space on the left side (see screenshot)

The code I used to build the form is:

if ($workitem->fields->{‘System.WorkItemType’} == ‘Bug’)
return array(
// * required properties
‘id’ => $workitem->id,
‘title’ => $workitem->fields->{‘System.Title’},
‘status_id’ => $status_id,
‘status’ => $workitem->fields->{‘System.State’},
// * optional properties
// //‘url’ => ,
‘description’ => $ReproSteps,
‘attributes’ => array(
‘Type’ => $workitem->fields->{‘System.WorkItemType’},
‘Status’ => $workitem->fields->{‘System.State’},
‘Assigned To’ => $AssignedTo,
‘Severity’ => $workitem->fields->{‘Microsoft.VSTS.Common.Severity’},
‘Iteration’ => $workitem->fields->{‘System.IterationPath’},
‘Reported By’ => $ReportedBy,
‘Version Date’ => $versiondate

What do I have to do that the description on the bottom also uses the space on the left?


Does anyone else use the lookup-function and is experiencing the same? I can’t find a way to customize the popup window.