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How do i bulk add test suites to test runs or to test plans


I would like to be able to add in bulk test suites as part of a test run under a specific milestone.
Or how do i do the same action when adding to a test plan?

Can someone help?



Thanks for your posting. You can create multiple test runs for one or more test suites with the test plan feature. If you have many different environments to test against, we recommend looking into using test plans with configurations:

Bulk-adding self-contained test runs based on test suites is currently not supported via the UI. If you have many test runs to add, you could look into using the API for this and I’m happy to suggest the best way to implement this. How many test suites do you have and how many test runs do you start on a regular basis?



Is this supported in the UI in TR 4? I have a dozen or so suites based on my apps’ functional elements, and usually add all of them to each test plan. I’d love to avoid choosing each one from a popup menu then calling up the menu box again.

Thanks! - Jason


Hello Jason,

Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend using just a few test suites per project (and now even support a single-suite mode). This is more flexible than having a dozen or dozens of test suites (e.g. you can easily create a test run/plan to target the entire case repository). Bulk-adding for suites on the test plan form is still on our todo/feature request list and it’s planned to look into this for a future version.



Hi Tobias, thanks for the recommendation. I was skeptical at first, but I can see the logic behind keeping everything in a single suite, and I’m evolving in that direction.



That’s great to hear, Jason, and thanks for the update!