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How do I associate test cases with milestones



We have a single product which has a major release every 3 months. Development also continues on a number of other minor versions. This means that there are many branches of the same product and a trunk/master version for new features.

Sometimes there may be a bug fix which goes into some of the active versions but not all of them. So I want to write a test case and then associate it with many releases. I’m not sure of the best way to do it and the way I’m doing it seems laborious.

  • I’ve created a single Project for the only product we have.
  • In that Project I’ve created a Milestone for each active release/branch.
  • Each Milestone is associated with one Test Plan with the same name (although I plan to have multiple Test Plans)
  • Each Test Plan is associated with many Test Suites.
  • A Test Suite is either 1) a new project which could be a new feature, 2) an old project to act as regression testing, 3) bug fixes or miscellaneous improvements
  • A Test Suite contains a set of Test Cases

Where I’m really struggling is where we have a fix that goes into many versions.

I want the case itself to be clear which version it can be tested in so we’re not accidentally testing something in a version it was never implemented. The way I’ve done this is to create a ‘branch’ field on the test case which lists the branches where it was applied.

The whole process I’m following now is:

  1. Open Test Suites
  2. Find the ‘Fixes and enhancements’ suite
  3. Click Add Case
  4. Fill in details of case
  5. In the custom branch field enter every branch it was fixed in.
  6. Save (repeat from step 3 for additional cases)
  7. Open Milestones
  8. Open the Milestones for one of the versions it was fixed in
  9. Open Test Plan
  10. Click Edit
  11. Find the ‘Fixes and enhancements’ run
  12. Click ‘Select Cases’
  13. Click Branch
  14. Find the branch that matches the release
  15. Click Set Selection (this scoops up any new cases where the branch number matches the release)
  16. Click OK

I may need to repeat steps 7-15 as many times as there are releases which seems like a long winded task although I expect if you create a batch of cases this could be a daily task.

Ideally it would be nice if when creating a test case that I can select the releases that it should apply to. Or, the ‘Select Cases’ option on a test run should be remembered and automatically pick up new test cases. Is this the best way I’m managing the linking test cases with releases?