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How do I add new email addresses to a report


I have a report that works. It’s currently auto-emailed to X users. It’s so useful that Y users want to receive the email as well. I want to add users to the email list for a report without using ‘create similar’, creating a new report with X+Y users in the email list, and stopping the old report.

How do I do it? This must be possible because it’s such a fundamental thing, but I can’t find a way to do it.

Also, can I email user groups? That would make it a lot easier to manage adding and removing people from the recipient list for reports.


Hi John,

Yes, you can also edit scheduled reports. You would need to edit the actual scheduled report at the bottom of the Reports tab, either by clicking on it or using the pencil icon on the right.

Regarding emailing user groups: the best way to do this would be to set up a mailing list/alias and specify this address in TestRail.


Ok, thanks. I didn’t see the scheduled report down at the bottom of my long list of reports. Now I know where to look for it.

Maybe that’s a UX design tweak, put scheduled reports on their own tab so people who don’t know to look at the bottom of the page can find them easily.


Thanks John. We have thought about restructuring the Reports tab a bit in the future and are happy to review your suggestion as well then.