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How can we manage test runs across multiple projects

Hi Guys,

Looking for some help. I have a use case where we need to club test cases from multiple projects in a single test run for Bitrise(CI) run. At present we are managing our test cases in multiple projects but our codebase is single and we want to push the test automation run report to TestRail. Is there a way to

  1. Create a run for automated test cases across multiple projects
  2. Push the test cases results in the project

I know it that we can integrate the automated run for a single project using TestRail API, but is there a way to do it for multiple projects?

Any ideas or suggestions?


Hi @poojag,

projects in TestRail are completely separated. Therefore (1) is not possible.

You can have one run per project and the listender (runner or however) of your combined (Test) Codebase is adding the result to the correct run (per project). Your automated test needs to know to whih project it belongs. You can even try so without and get the info on the fly on adding a result to the correct project/run, but this would resut in a lot of calls.

@kwrith Do have any example to elaborate what you mentioned ? And lot of calls would be at the TestRail end ?

Each of your automated Test case needs to know the corresponding case id in TestRail.
Your logger/Runner needs to know the run id‘s of your different Test Runs (one for each project).
Now the Runner needs to know to which run / project your automated Test case belongs to add a result to the correct run (assumed you habe prepared each run).
This Info is either available at the automated test case or you try to pick this info in the fly via get_case and get_suite.
To know which project the automated case belongs to is preferred.