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How can we delete sections?


Hi, Can you please help me in this.
How can we identify the total number of test cases run by an individual for particular week?


I am less familiar with the reports as we have a self-hosted install and we would query the db directly.

But - it looks like Users --> Workload Summary report might do what you need it to do. You can set specific dates and even specific users to report on.

I would play with that report and see if it does what you need.



Me too is having the issue of not having a delete icon next to the Section. I’m an admin and I checked that I have a delete privilege (see screenshot). But only edit icon is visible when I hover my mouse pointer to the section name (screenshot below).

Please help.


Is this present only for this specific project? Can you delete sections n other projects? Do you use local and global roles? Any chance the project in question is using the a local role that is different than a global role?


Thanks, BGanger. It is indeed in the Project specific configuration.

For the benefit of other users, here’s how to fix this issue:

  1. Go to Administration page
  2. Click Project in the right panel
  3. Drilldown on the project name you want to delete a test run or section
  4. Click ‘Access’ tab on top of the Edit Project page
  5. Do either of the two options:
    5.1. In the Default Access dropdown list field, select ‘Global Role’ access; or
    5.2 Scroll down and locate your own (user) name, and in the Project Access column, select ‘Global Role’.
  6. Save the project, by clicking the ‘Save Project’ button.

Personally, I prefer 5.2 above as I set the default access of my project users as ‘Tester’ (custom role).

After you’ve done the steps above, you can go back to the Test Runs view and edit a test run. You should be able to see the ‘>>Delete this test run’ option (in red font) at the right panel of the view.

Hope this helps. Have fun.


Glad you found the issue… :slight_smile: