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How can we delete sections?


How can I delete a section if it was created by mistake?



Thanks for your posting. You should see a Delete icon when you hover your mouse over the name of the section (next to the Edit icon). If you don’t see this icon, then you don’t have permissions to delete sections/cases. This can be changed by an administrator in the administration area under Administration > Users & Roles.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



I am an admin user but i still don’t see a delete icon to delete a section. I do see the edit icon but no delete icon.

I can delete a test case.


Thanks for the update. Deleting sections is covered by the same permissions as deleting test cases, so you should also be able to delete sections if you can delete test cases. Would it be possible to provide a screenshot of the relevant permissions for your role in the administration area and also a screenshot of a test suite when you hover over a section?

Thanks in advance and please let me know in case you have any questions.



I am trying to send you the screenshot but i am not sure how to upload an image with post.


Thanks for the update. I believe the forum doesn’t have an upload function for images, but you can simply send us the screenshot to our help desk via email:

Thanks in advance.



Was this issue resolved?
I am having the same problem. I am a TestRail admin, and I still cannot see that delete icon for test cases or test sections when hovering the mouse over the name.



Never mind, I figured it out.
Under Roles, I needed to configure the Lead role to allow deletes.


Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you found it already. If you don’t see the delete/edit icons when hovering over the section name, it’s likely that the user account doesn’t have the required permissions to delete/edit sections.



I too was having this problem (I am an administrator in the system). The problem lies in which view pane you are in while trying to delete the section. If you are trying to delete from the right pane view (usually titled ‘Sections and Cases,’ there is no way to delete.
Adjacent to the ‘Add Section’ button in the right pane there is a drop-down dialog with three view options, ‘All groups and tests’, ‘Selected group and subgroups’, and ‘Selected group only’. In my install, the default is ‘Selected group and subgroups’. Change to the ‘All groups and tests’ view and the section will now show up in the left (main) view. Now mouse over your section name and the delete icon (red circle with a ‘-’ character) that Tobias from Gurock mentions. Click the delete icon and the unwanted section will be removed.


Thanks for your feedback, Dale! We will make sure to look into making this easier to discover in a future version.



I have the same problem reported above but I can not find the option described to fix it (ie Under roles, allows deletes)

Can you give me the steps to navigate to it please as I find the whole project / permissions arrangement extremely intuitive



Hi Tks,

You can the find the documentation for the permissions here:

You can configure the roles and their permissions on the Administration > Users & Roles page. TestRail uses the global role per user by default but this can be overridden per project (please see the documentation above). The actions/permissions for deleting sections is called Cases & Sections:



Tks, I did get this to work eventually - I was looking for a ‘no entry / delete’ symbol to pop up next to the section name but a colleague pointed out that it was under the edit options.


Hi Dave,

The delete link on the edit page would be for the entire test suite and please double-check that you really want to delete a test suite before doing so. To delete a single section (including sub-sections), you can use the delete icon next to a section (visible when you hover over the section name above a table).

I hope this helps!



Hi, I have Lead role in Test rail, but yet I am not able to Delete sections/sub-sections. I see disabled Delete button on the top, but while I hover on the sections, I don’t see any Delete option there.
Can anyone please help?


Have you verified that the Lead Role has Delete checked (Cases and Sections) in the Roles page? AS a side note - you do not delete from the right side listing. Deleting of sections and sub-sections is done in the listing to the left, of the right side list:

This is where you edit/delete Sections/Sub-sections:


Hi, Thanks for the reply.

Yes I verified, the Lead role has delete authority.
And for this Delete, I am not able to see these options when i click sub section from right and see on left side.


Ok - it looks like you are in the Test Run screen. You can’t delete section/sub-sections from the test run (Assign To and Add Result buttons at the top).

What exactly are you wanting to do and from what screen are you trying to do it in…?


Oh yea, I figured it out now. I was trying from Test Run screen. When I checked at Test Cases tab, I am able to see the Delete button.
Thanks a ton. Was looking for it from past few days.