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How can we delete a Test Suite?


Hi ,

I tried to go to the Test Suite (which i want to delete) and clicked on the Edit button. I do not see any delete option.
Can you please let me know how can we delete a Test suite.

Delete a Test Suite

Does it not show in the highlighted area above? If not - then I would think the issue would be permissions.


It does not show the highlighted area. I have admin permission. So i do not know what additional permission i need.
Does it require any kind of a UI script ?


No - it is part of Test Rail. If you pull up your account in Test Rail and click on the Access tab - the “This user is an administrator” is checked?


Okay, i got what is the issue. It was related to access rights. It working now. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Cool - glad you found the issue…


Hi Kmehta,

Good to hear that it’s working now :slight_smile: The administrator status is independent of the permissions and roles used for the projects and you can even hide projects or make them read-only for administrators. So, cases like these are usually always based on the configuration of the permissions and roles but glad to hear that you found it already.



Sorry i know this is an old topic. But i am having this issue above.
In my case i am correctly set as administrator as per the image above
but i do not have the delete option to the right of the test suite.


Ah so there is an extra level under the roles were one need to select the delete option in order to be able to remove suites.sorry i completely missed that.


Hey dobryan,

Thank you for the follow up post. I am glad you were able to find this functionality and get this taken care of. Let us know if you need help with anything else.