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How can i update several test cases in different Test Runs at once?


I made several Test Runs in a same Test Plan, and those Test Runs have same test cases.
In this environments, i want to update those same test cases in different Test Runs at once.
Please let me know if there’s a good solution for that.



Hi Jiang,

Thanks for the post. I’ll be happy to help but I’ll need a little bit of clarification about what exactly you’re wanting to accomplish. Are you wanting to submit multiple results for tests that are in multiple runs within a plan, or are you wanting to edit the contents of the test cases themselves? If you can provide any additional context around what you’re wanting to do we’ll be happy to find the best solution for you. Thanks!



Thanks for the reply, Jacob.

I want the former one. I want to submit a same result, for example ‘failed’, for multiple tests in multiple runs within a plan.
I hope you have an answer for it. Thanks!



Hey Jiang,

Thanks for clarifying. There’s not currently a way to update multiple test results for shared test cases between multiple runs in one go. When using test plans, if there are certain cases that are not specific to individual configurations we would typically recommend creating a separate test run for the shared test cases, then additional test runs for the configuration specific tests.

If you’re using the API, a different option would be to set up a call with the add_result_for_case method. It won’t add results for multiple runs at once, but you can use the same call updated with different run IDs in sequence to quickly add the same result for that test case across the separate runs within a plan.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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