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How can i import the test steps in step format from .csv file


I am unable to import test steps in step format while executing below steps:

1.Exporting testcases from MTM in excel sheet.
2.All Test steps are exported in one single cell of excel sheet.
3.Converting excel sheet in to .CSV format.
4.Import .CSV file in test trail.
5.Now Test steps are displayed in Text format not in Step Format.
So is there any way to change all steps from Text format to step format and one step will display in one line and other step will display in other line.


Hi Charu,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail’s CSV import expects a multi-row layout per case if you plan to import multiple steps. Here’s an explanation on how to do this:

Using a single cell/row for the steps is difficult because TestRail wouldn’t really know how to parse/split the cell into multiple steps. For example, some tools might use a separate line per step but some might also use indexes (1., 2., 3. etc.) and would support multi-line steps. So, in order to import steps your CSV file would need to use a multi-row layout but this is fully supported and supports all configuration options available in TestRail (e.g. just the steps, with expected results etc.).

I hope this helps!




It would be really good if, when you exported tests with separate steps, it exported into a good example of how you would expect an import of same. This is what I tried to figure out how to import and, after an export and import of same file, I ended up with a test that had all the steps aggregated.