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How can i get the executed date for test cases

Hi I am writing a script where i need to dump all the information for a project test cases.
I am calling “get_test” api for each run and collecting various information. I also wanted to know the executed on date. Is there an easy way or one api i can call and dump the information about the test runs and test cases of the project ?

you have to use “get_results” (or one of the similar ones) to get information for the execution(s) of a particular test.

A Test Case (Definition) can have multiple instances of a Tests (as part of different test runs). Every Test can have multiple results with execution dates (times).


Hi Kwirth
Thank you very much for the reply. I tried using get_results but it does not have any fields for tested on date. I have one entry for created on but is this the tested on date ?
Also do you know how to convert the date string to a valid date format ?
Thank you

Hi Kwirth
I got it , it is the created date available in the results api.
Its a UNIX time stamp string which we need to convert.
thanks for the reply

good to read :wink:

correct & correct…
It’s all in the doc, but sometimes it is better simply to call the api and check. :innocent: