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How can i get Test Rail run ID



How can i get run ID of last test run. I want to put the run ID of last test run in the URL and use the URL at other places.

Thank you

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I’m havin the same problem.
I need to know how to get the test run in order to use add_result_case api since it requires run id and test id


Hi there,

There are a couple spots you can see the run ID. In the UI itself, you can see the run ID when viewing the contents of the run in the top left. you should see “R” next to the run title, which indicates the ID for that specific run. Using the API, you can also use the get_runs method to retrieve details, including the ID, of all test runs within a project. If you’re trying to find a specific run you can add filters the get_runs method like specifying a date range to find the specific run your’e looking for. I’d recommend checking out the API documentation for get_runs for more details:

I hope that helps!