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How can I find what test cases were updated today and by whom using API?


I want to get all test case tested by a there a way to get that through API?



you can use get_cases with the filters :updated_by, :updated_before, :updated_after

this is for test cases - or do you need that for tests ?

then i guess it would, where you need to do the filtering on client side


Hi sorry for the confusing, actually my question is -

Say there are test cases which are tested by users , meaning they would update the status passed,failed etc on testcases. Now through API I need to get what all test cases are passed or failed or retested or blocked by that particular user through out the testrail,from the 1st test case he tested till the latest he tested?

For this what API would help me to fetch the details,in testrail manually we get it by setting tested_by filter ,but I need to achieve it through API.

Kindly help me out,please any API that would fetch the tested by details


first i think we need to clarify some terminology. Results are added to tests, not test cases. The test is the realisation of a testcase in a testrun.

So I assume your setup is:

Given a test run, you want all test results from a user with the status. So all tests, she executed with some result, right ?

This seems to require multiple steps.

  1. Find out the id of the user in question. With you can ask for all users and then filter the one, or you can ask for the user by email
  2. Then you can use with the filters you like to set (userid, status etc)

does this help ?