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How can I find missing deleted test cases

Just went into our project and approximately 30 test cases disappeared - all from one section. Is there any way to find out WHO deleted them? and/or a way to get them back without re-creating from scratch?

clearly I did something wrong with rights so any tips in that area are greatly appreciated.

The only way to get then back is to restore the db and all work after they were deleted would be lost. For 30 cases - I would recreate them.

If you have a local install of Test Rail (and not the Cloud version) then you might be able to look in the DB but I think it does delete the record rather than setting a status (I think this is probably a holdover from older versions or the base program from years ago).

Thank you!


Hey there,

As Bganger mentioned, once a test case (or other entity) in TestRail is deleted, it is removed from the system, and wouldn’t be recoverable currently through the system directly. For TestRail Cloud users, we do take daily backups of every instance and can restore back to a recent backup at your request in the event of accidental data loss. If this is the case, please reach out to the support team directly at and we’ll be happy to help.