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How can I change the default test result from passed to untested?


As I am using seperate steps in my testcases, I do not want the result of the total test to be set to passed before all teststeps have the status passed when I add test results.

Can I change the default value of the testresult, preferable to untested?

Will the end test result automatically adapt properly if a step goes on blocked, retest or failed, or if all steps are passed?

I know I am going to forget to adapt the total result. If it is set to passed, I might not look at it again. In other cases I will. :wink:



Thanks for your posting. Untested is not supported as part of the Add Test Result dialog but it should be possible to change the default status via a UI script. That said, you can always “override” the test result (by adding a new result) in case you accidentally added a passed result or similar.