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How can I assign a Test Run inside a Test Plan to a Submilestone


Hi TestRail community,

I have following problem.
I have a created a Milestone with 3 sub milestones. For this project associated to the Milestones I have created a Test Plan with 3 Test Runs.
Now I want to assign a specific test Run inside this test plan to the specific sub milestones, to track the the status of the Test Run inside the test plan.
This seems not possible since it is only possible to assign one Submilestones to all Test Runs inside a Test Plan but not to the individual runs.

Do you know if TestRail supports this feature at all or the design is made on purpose like this that you cannot assign sub milestones to different runs in a Test Plan. I want to avoid to have different runs per se, I think it is better organized.

Thanks for your help


This is still an open question, and now it’s mine too…