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How can developers see my testcases?



I have a testrail account and I have it integrated with JIRA. So, when I click on a bug in JIRA, I can see what tests I have assigned to the bug, what tests have passed and what have failed.

How can a developer see what testrail test case has failed when executed on a bug. Is there a readonly access that all developers can view the testcase in testrail that failed?


Anyone who needs to see things in Test Rail live data - need to have a login. There is no read only group user.


Hi Conor,

Thanks for your post! TestRail doesn’t have a read-only license option, and we typically recommend adding your developers as well if they need to see the full details. That said, it’s not necessarily needed and you can push more details to your JIRA issues (including e.g. step and result details) via an integration template under Administration > Integration. You would just enter a template and add more fields which would be included in the JIRA issue description when a defect is pushed. This would be accessible by all JIRA users without needing access to TestRail. You can also send reports to users that don’t have access to TestRail for extra visibility if needed as well.

Hope this helps!