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How can change ownership to another user

Hi everyone,
How can I change the owner user to another user in the project?

What do you mean by “owner user”? TR does nto really have a concept of Owner users. Permissions are controlled by Roles in TR and there is no “Owner” role per se…

I mean about user , how can pay for license or how can control all other users?
Or may be You can help me with how to buy a license for TR,because now we used trail version .

You need to contact Gurock sales… I am going to assume that you have a log into the Gurock site and there should be contract info there. I am also going to guess that you might have emails from the Gurock person who set up the trial and they can be contacted and put you in touch with who you need to talk to.

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Oh thanks !! I’ll try

i’ll also try, you need to contact Gurock sales.